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“Padraig's development and placement of players is unmatched by anyone in the business.”
"OB understands the game of basketball. Plain and simple. His training methods prepare kids, not only for high school ball, but multiple levels beyond that."
“OB is one of the best workout guys I’ve seen. He really is concerned with getting players better and helping their development on and off the court.”
“Padraig O’Brien is one of the top developers of basketball talent in the Valley. His effectiveness with all levels from Pros to Young players is remarkable.”
“OB is simply the best I have seen at drill for skill. His precise training prepares them to survive at the next level.”
"Padraig's development of players is very consistent and proven with many players being placed in excellent situations. At all levels, these players are contributing tremendously to their programs."
“Padraig has been great in helping our Arizona kids expand their games during the summer. He has a good feel for their strengths and weakness and is able to implement great training programs to improve their skills. I highly recommend Padraig to any prospect looking to become college ready.”
“O.B. has been working with the best in the basketball world for years, and there is a reason. He is the best! His ability to train players to emphasize their strengths and eliminate their weaknesses in unmatched in the valley. We are lucky to have a guy like him in our backyard.”
“My son began working with Padraig in 7th grade. His program provided the structure that led to rapid skill development but more importantly to the discipline needed to succeed long-term in basketball. All-Region and All-State honors soon followed in high school. Padraig then parlayed my son's success by using his vast array of national contacts which led to a full scholarship at a NCAA DII University. Thank you Padraig.”
“No one I've worked with is more knowledgeable or more driven to improve the quality of basketball for every player he encounters. The production of the guys that consistently work with him speaks for itself. Whether it be expanding their game or getting a player access to a school/job - OB is a tremendous resource to coaches and players alike.”
“Padraig is one of the best I have ever seen in the business. He knows how to allow players to reach their full potential and also has all the tools to move them to the next level.”
“OB is one of the best in the business at individual and small group workouts that I have seen. I have seen him work with Pros, College players, high school players and younger and he can change and adapt his training methods for all groups.”
“I have been training with OB since I started jr. high, he is an excellent mentor who is very knowladgable about each level of basketball and every workout is at a high intensity, he makes sure of it. You will get your money's worth and then some.”
“It's been a privilege getting to work with OB over the years. Since I was junior in high school OB has helped me improve my game and push me on and off the court. He expects a lot from the players that he works out and has earned the respect from many coaches around the valley. OB is a great trainer who I'll continue to keep working out with as my collegiate career continues.”
“OB has provided excellent and challenging training and workouts for my son for over 3 years. His straight-forward and disciplined approach develops and prepares players for their next level.”
“I appreciate OB's consistency, commitment, and persistence with my son Collin Woods and all the other players that workout during the summer training sessions. The competition has been great for Collin with players from the NBA, D-League, Europe, and all levels of college showing up for training. The scrimmages are fast-paced and many of the guys are highly skilled. OB does a great job of teaching skills -- both shooting drills and ball handling. Props my friend. Keep up the great work !!”
“My son's, Sami Bzai, basketball skills and development as an excellent shooter was due by large to his training under OB whom I consider the best in developing basketball players.”
“OB is an advanced basketball trainer who really knows what he is doing. He knows how to develop players into elite athletes. Going game speed and as hard as you can in every drill he gives you will change your game tremendously, I know from experience.”
“OB has such a great basketball mind and truly knows how to relay it to his players. He taught me what it really takes to get to the next level and how to strive keep improving. I wouldn't be where I am today without the help and guidance, on and off the court, of OB.”
“I have been training with OB in the summers ever since I started my professional career. There has always been a great group o guys he brings in to train with. Each work out with him, I get something out of it. He makes us all around better players because we don't just focus on an area that we are good in. He let’s all of us learn from each other and corrects things when they aren't done right. I am glad I got connected with him and will continue to work out with him while I am home in the off season!”
“Not only my son's Basketball Skill; but also his self-discipline, drive and confidence - are largely due to Padraig's expertise and leadership. Jack has matured into a determined College Athlete and an assured young man. He anticipates training & coaching opportunities with Give N Go Hoops during each Arizona visit. Padraig's inspiration and influence has, and will continue to significantly alter Jack's life course. Thanks, Padraig. I don't know where we would be without you!”
“OB saw potential in me before anyone else. I started working out with OB in 2008. At that time I was a player off the bench for Scottsdale Community College. His workouts put you in game time situations and force you to work on the proper footwork and technique as well as make you play against the best talent in Arizona. Since starting my workouts in 2008, I have gone on to play 2 years of division I basketball in Seattle and have played professionally in Europe, Asia and South America. If you want to improve your game and are willing to put in the time and hard work, you can't find a better trainer than Padraig.”
“I probably should have said this a long time ago, but thank you for everything growing up. You created oportunity for me and I appreciate everything that came from my start in Minnesota. Again, thank you man!”

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